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Traditional Odia Recipe - Poda Pitha

Traditional Odia Recipe - Poda Pitha


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 45

Total Time : 65


Serves 8

  • Rice (chaula) 300 gms

  • black gram - without outer skin (chopa-chhada biri) 150 gms

  • finely scrubbed coconut (nadia kora) 1 cups

  • small pieces of thin coconut slices (nadia khandi) 10-15 piece

  • sugar (chini) 200 gms

  • chopped ginger (kata ada) 50 gms

  • cashew nut – broken into pieces ( khandi kaju) 1/2 bowls

  • ghee or refined oil (ghia / refain tela) 1 tbsp

  • salt (luna) 1/2 tsp

  • baking soda(baking soda) 1 tsp

  • cherries for garnish 7-8 nos


  • 01

    Soak the rice and black gram in water in separate bowls for about 4 hours. Wash them thoroughly.

  • 02

    Put the black gram with water in the grinder and form a fine batter.

  • 03

    Do the same with rice too but keep in mind that the batter should be coarse and not as fine as the batter of black gram.

  • 04

    Mix both the batters and add coconut slices, grated coconut, chopped ginger, salt, sugar, cashew nuts and baking powder Mix all the ingredients well and keep it covered for about 2 hours for self-fermentation.

  • 05

    Pre-heat the pressure cooker. Form a thin layer of oil on all the inner surface of the cooker.

  • 06

    Now pour the mixed batter into the cooker and close the lid (without mounting the whistle-weight). Place the pressure cooker in simmer flame for about one hour. Now your hot poda pitha is ready.

  • 07

    When the cooker comes to normal temperature take out the pitha carefully, and cut it into desired shapes and serve. (Note: Instead of pressure cooker, oven may also be used)

  • 08

    Toping some grated coconut and Cherries on a top serve and enjoy!.



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