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Strawberry Filled Chocolate Truffles

Strawberry Filled Chocolate Truffles

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 40


Serves 25

  • Strawberry - 1/2 Cup

  • Heavy Cream - 1 Tbsp

  • Butter - 1/2 Tbsp

  • Sugar - 1/2 Cup

  • Water - 2 Tbsp

  • For chocolate layer Dark compound - 1 1/2 Cups (adjust as needed)

  • Milk compound -1 cup


  • 01

    First, grind the strawberry using a mixie/blender until smooth. Use a mesh filter to filter out the seeds from the strawberry pulp. Add the butter and cream to the strawberry pulp and keep aside.

  • 02

    Add the sugar, corn syrup and water to a heavy bottomed pan on high flame. Stir well until the sugar is dissolved. Continue to heat until the sugar syrup reaches string consistency.

  • 03

    Now, add the strawberry pulp to the sugar syrup. Stir well until mixed nicely. Continue to heat until the mixture thickens and forms a thick syrup consistency. Keep stirring occasionally. Turn off the flame and bring the mixture to room temperature.

  • 04

    Once the filling is completely cooled, we will temper the chocolate. We will use double boiler technique to melt the chocolate. Heat water in a larger pan. Wait until the water is hot. Turn off the flame. To a heat resistant bowl (a thick ceramic bowl), add the chocolate chips. Place this bowl on top of the bowl with water. Make sure that the bottom of the bowl with chocolate doesn't directly touch the stove or flame. Keep stirring the chocolate until it melts completely into a smooth paste.

  • 05

    Now pour this tempered chocolate into a silicon mold. I used min heart molds. Wait for about 2 mins. Now invert the mold on top of the bowl and remove excess chocolate from the molds. Scrape of any excess chocolate from top of the mold using a knife or flat spatula. The chocolate in the mold should now look like small chocolate containers as shown in the pics. Leave until the chocolate hardens.

  • 06

    Now, take the strawberry filling in a piping bag and fill it into the cooled chocolate cups.

  • 07

    Now, again melt some more white chocolate and pour on top of the strawberry layer. Use a spatula to gently spread it out. Tap the mold gently to remove any air bubbles. Leave it to set completely.

  • 08

    Once the chocolate is completely set, invert the mold on top of a plate and gently push the chocolates out. Use a knife to trim the excess from the chocolate.

  • 09




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