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Paneer Malpuaa

Paneer Malpuaa

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 90

Total Time : 110


Serves 2

  • Paneer 1 cup Full fat milk 1 cup Flour 2-3 tbsp Cardamom powder a pinch Fennel seeds 1 tsp (lightly toasted) Khova / mawa 2-3 tbsp (optional) Ghee as required For syrup Sugar 1 cup Water 1 cup Green cardamom 2-3 Saffron strands 2-3 some badam pista for dressing


  • 01

    For sugar syrup Bring sugar and water to boil. Add the cardamoms. Keep boiling till the syrup forms a fine film over the back of the spoon. We don't need thick syrup for malpuas. Add saffron and keep the syrup warm.

  • 02

    For Malpua Whisk together paneer, milk, flour, cardamom powder, fennel seeds, khova (if using) and make a smooth (lump free) batter. Batter will look like regular pancake batter. Let it sit for 20 minutes

  • 03

    Heat a non stick or any well greased pan. Stir thoroughly and a ladle full of batter slowly on the middle of the pan.

  • 04

    Once the sizzling sound comes, put it on low flame and fry it till golden brown. Add a teaspoon of melted ghee on the sides while frying the malpuas. Flip it over and brown the other side too.

  • 05

    Once done, immediately drop them in sugar syrup. Keep the sugar syrup on a flat plate. Else malpuas might disintegrate . Repeat the above steps with rest of the batter. Once the malpuas has soaked enough syrup and has become soft, immediately drained them out on another plate. Keeping the malpua in syrup for longer time, will make them soggy. decorate with dry fruit nd serve hot or chilled as u like



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