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stuff paneer in greavy

stuff paneer in greavy

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 50


Serves 2

  • 300gms paneer square

  • chopped carrot capsicum nuts &1tsp butter in pan sharing

  • greavy-onion,5-6garlic,1ginger piece,8-10kaju,2-3green chilly

  • 2tsp oil,coriander leaves,

  • dry masale -dhaniya powder,lal mirch poder haldi powder,garam masala all 1+1+1+1 tesp


  • 01

    first panwwr marinate salt lemon black pepper for 5min

  • 02

    then ready filling in paneer

  • 03

    take a pan add 1tsp butter add nuts &vegetables tii 2min add salt &black pepper

  • 04

    take a next pan add one tsp oil add onion garlic ginger chill tomato fry &bland

  • 05

    then we ready paneer stuff the filling in side and grill pan sharing both side

  • 06

    then we ready greavy

  • 07

    take a pen addone tsp oil 1-tsp jeera and bland onionpaste stir them 5-7min then adddry masale salt cream &1cup water cook5min



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