Sita Bhog (sweet)

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Sita Bhog (sweet)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :35 Min

Cook Time : 40 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 15 Min


Serves : 4
  • 3 cup homemade paneer

  • 1 cup Govind bhog /basmati rice flour

  • 3 cup sugar

  • 1.5 cup water

  • 1tsp cardamom powder

  • 3 cup Ghee for fry


  • Take 3 cup homemade cottage cheese
  • Add 1 cup flavored rice flour n mash it properly till become a soft dough
  • Mashed the chena minimum 20 minutes
  • Then cover the chena dough 15 minutes
  • Meanwhile take a vessel add sugar and water make 1 stair sugar syrup
  • Keep it cool the syrup and add cardamom n nutmeg powder nd pinch of saffron stairs mix well n cover the lid.
  • After 15 minutes take that dough n mash it again and maka 2 part
  • 1st part chena make mini khajuri
  • And other parts of the dough make sev like pic
  • Then take nonstick pan add ghee n just heat then take sev maker /carrot crusher put on the chena dough at mold /greater n make sev in low medium flame
  • The sev are fry just 3-4 minutes then transfer it into the sugar syrup at the time when the syrup has warm
  • Then fry the khajuris little golden brown and transfer the syrup
  • Now the khajuri nd sev deep the sugar syrup till soak the syrup atlist 10 - 12 minutes
  • Then strain the Sita bhog into the syrup n transfer the serving bowl n garnish with chopped dry nuts and serve after freezing it