Rice Flour Rasmalai

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Rice Flour Rasmalai


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :5 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 25 Min


Serves : 4
  • 1/2ltr fully fat milk

  • 1cup cow milk

  • 1/2 cup rice flour

  • 1 tbsp chopped dry fruits

  • 1 Pinch saffron threads

  • 1/3cup sugar


  • Take a pan add 1cup cow milk when milk comes boil add rice flour slowly and stir continuesly
  • When flour absorbed all theilk and combind together our dough is ready. Now switch off the flame.
  • Cover the lid rest this dough just 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes take out a dough in a plate and start mashing the dough till it’s smooth.
  • Once it’s smooth, make small balls out of it.
  • Heat 1/2 cup sugar and 2 cups water in a wide pan and wait till it comes to a full boil.
  • Drop the balls in boiling sugar syrup and cook for 10_12 minutes. The balls will double in size by then.
  • Take out the rice balls and half quanity of sugar syrup in a bowl add 7_8 ice cubes in it keep a side.
  • In a heavy bottom pan, boil 500 ml of milk.
  • Soak few strands of saffron in a tablespoon of warm milk and set aside.
  • Once the milk comes to a boil, lower the flame and continue to stir the milk at regular intervals. After 10 minutes add sugar and mix.
  • After 20-25 minutes the milk will thicken to desired consistency, add soaked saffron and crushed cardamom.
  • Also add finely chopped pistachios [if using]. Mix and switch off the flame.
  • Take out the cooled rasmalai balls from the sugar syrup, jently squeeze and flatten with your hands.
  • Transfer the balls to thickened milk [milk should be warm].
  • Chill in the refrigerator overnight or for 5-6 hours. Garnish with chopped pistachios and few saffron strands before serving.