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Spicy Gatta Biryani

Spicy Gatta Biryani

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 360

Cook Time : 2

Total Time : 362


Serves 1

  • For Gatte:1/2 cup bean

  • 1/4tsp:chilli pw,ajwain,salt

  • For Biryani1/2cup basmati soaked for an hour

  • 1tsp:chilli pw,coriander pw,turmeric,goda masala

  • 1/2tsp:cumin powdercumin

  • 1/tbsp biryani masala

  • salt 1tbsp

  • 1onion,2tomato

  • 1/4cup besan 1/4cup oil


  • 01

    1)Mix gatte ingredients with curd and create a semi soft dough

  • 02

    2)Roll into a log and cut pieces

  • 03

    3)Add it i to boiling water and cook till it floats.Take out and dry it with paper towel

  • 04

    4)Deep fry and set aside

  • 05

    5)Heat oil in a pressure cooker

  • 06

    6)Fry the Cumin and gg and cook till raw smell leaves

  • 07

    7)Add onion and cook for 3-4 min and add tomato

  • 08

    8)Cook till it is mushy.Add all remaining masala and check till oil leaves

  • 09

    9)Add the gatte along with rice

  • 10

    10)Add water and cook for a whistle on med high heat



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