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Fresh Fruit Creme Puff

Fresh Fruit Creme Puff


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 35

Total Time : 50


Serves 2

  • For Pastry creme: 250 mili litre plain whole milk

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 50 grams castor sugar

  • 3 egg yolks

  • 10 grams plain flour

  • 10 grams cornflour

  • 200 grams unsalted butter

  • For Egg wash: 1 egg

  • 2 teaspoon milk

  • 2 square sheets of puff pastry 24cm x 24cm (can be any size though)

  • Raspberry jam 2-3 tablespoon

  • 1 cup of Fresh fruits chopped/sliced


  • 01

    Pastry Creme: Add milk and vanilla to a large mixing bowl and microwave for 1 minute.

  • 02

    Add sugar, egg yolks and both flours. Whisk until well combined.

  • 03

    Microwave for 20 seconds at a time, mixing each time until thickened.

  • 04

    Add butter and mix until well combined. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside.

  • 05

    Pastry: Preheat oven 220 degrees celcius

  • 06

    To create pastry puffs use a knife to cut a square sheet of puff pastry into 12 squares.

  • 07

    To make the egg wash add egg and milk to a small mixing bowl and whisk until well combined.

  • 08

    Each pastry cup will have 4 layers of pastry. Use a cookie cutter(of desired shape) to cut the sheets in desired shape

  • 09

    Brush the bottom square with no hole with egg wash and add the first pastry square with the circle hole.

  • 10

    . Repeat until you get to the third layer and finish off by brushing with more egg wash

  • 11

    Bake until dry and let cool

  • 12

    Fill in or top with pastry cream. Finish off by adding fresh fruits and a dusting of powdered sugar.(Optional)



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