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Mango Biscuit Pudding

Mango Biscuit Pudding

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 35


Serves 2

  • Milk-4 cups

  • Custard Powder -2tbsp

  • Sugar -3 tbsp

  • Mango Puree-2cup

  • Cardamom Powder -1tbsp

  • Chocolate Biscuit -1 Packet

  • Butter -2tbsp

  • Mango Pieces -1tbsp


  • 01

    First boil the milk and then add sugar into it, mix it well and thicken the milk on low flame for 5 minutes by stirring occasionally. Add cardamom powder into it and mix it.

  • 02

    Take custard powder in a bowl, add some water into it and make a lumps free paste of it. Then add this paste into the milk by continuously stirring so that there is no lumps in it.

  • 03

    Give it a boil and as the milk thickhen, add mango puree into it and then switch off the flame and mix it well. Cool it until it become chilled.

  • 04

    Further take a mixer grinder jar, add chocolate biscuits into it, grind it well, take it out and mix melted butter into it.

  • 05

    Now take a serving glass, add grinded biscuit powder into it, tap it with a spoon so that it gets fixed and then pour chilled mango custard over it and again repeat this process for one more time and make layering of it and then serve it by garnishing it with some grinded biscuit powder and small mango pieces.



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