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Stuffed Parwal (Stuffed Pointed Gourd)

Stuffed Parwal (Stuffed Pointed Gourd)

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 60

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 80


Serves 6

  • Parwal (Pointed guards) 6 big

  • Cottage cheese grated 1½cup

  • Coconut grated 1/2 cup

  • Dry fruits chopped kaju kismis pistachio 1/3 cup

  • Onion 2 meduim

  • Garlic 3 cloves

  • Ginger chopped 1 teaspoon

  • Tomato 1 tablespoon paste

  • Cumin powder 1/2 teaspoon

  • Chilli powder 1 teaspoon

  • Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

  • Bayleaf 1

  • Fresh cream 2 tablespoon

  • Suger 1/2 teaspoon

  • Ghee 1 teaspoon

  • Salt 2 teaspoons

  • Cashew nut paste 1 teaspoon

  • Garam masala powder 1/½ teaspoon

  • Hot water ½cup


  • 01

    Peel the skin of the parwal then cut one end of the parwal and scoop out the seeds.

  • 02

    Donot discard the seed,keep it aside.

  • 03

    Take a heavy pan and perboil the parwals with a pinch of salt at a low flame.

  • 04

    Now grind the seeds of the parwal into a fine paste.

  • 05

    Make a fine paste of onion,garlic and ginger on another bowl.

  • 06

    Heat an 1 tablespoon of oil on a kadai add cumin seeds and add half teaspoon of onion ,garlic ,ginger paste and stir it.

  • 07

    Now add parwal seeds paste into it and cook until for few minutes.

  • 08

    Add cottage cheese, chopped dryfruits, grated coconut, garam masala powder and 1 teaspoon of salt and suger on it and cook until dry.This is our stuffing for the parwal.

  • 09

    When the stuffing cools down , stuffed the parwals from one end minutely.

  • 10

    Heat a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil on it and fry the stuffed parwals one by one and set aside.

  • 11

    For making curry on the same oil add bayleaf ,onion garlic,ginger paste abd fry until oil leaves the side.

  • 12

    Then add tomato paste,turmeric,cumin, corriender and chilli powder and fry until the oil leaves the sides of the masalas.

  • 13

    Add cashew nut paste and cook it at low flame.

  • 14

    Add half cup of hot water and 1 teaspoon of salt and boil for few minutes.

  • 15

    Now add the fried stuffed parwals and cook for 2-3 minutes at high flame.

  • 16

    Just before removing from heat add fresh cream and a teaspoon of ghee.

  • 17

    Serve hot with white rice, patatha nun etc.



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