Paal Payasam With Leftover Appam

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Paal Payasam With Leftover Appam


I thought a lot about what to do with left over Appam . This time, my try out turned well. Here is the recipe of instant and yummy paal payasam with leftover Appam.

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :5 Min

Cook Time : 10 Min

Total Time : 15 Min


Serves : 2
  • Sugar - 2 tablespoon

  • Appam (cut into small pieces)- 3/4 cup

  • Milk - 1 cup

  • Cardamom - 4

  • Cashew nut - 10

  • Raisin- 15

  • Ghee - 2 teaspoon


  • Cut Appams into small pieces with hand
  • Heat a pan and add ghee
  • Fry cashew nut and raisins and keep it aside
  • Add Appam pieces into hot ghee and saute it for 1 minute
  • Add sugar and mix well, it sugar melts completely
  • Add milk and cook over low flame it till boils
  • When milk starts boiling add cardamom, fried cashew nut and raisins and cook again for 1 minute
  • Yummy paal payasam is ready.
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