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Multi Bean Mayo Pasta Salad

Multi Bean Mayo Pasta Salad

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 480

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 505


Serves 4

  • Mixed beans (kidney beans black beans chick peas and one eyed beans) all mix 1 cups

  • pasta 1 cups

  • onions 2 nos

  • tomatoes 2 nos

  • mayonnaise 4 tbsp

  • salt 1 tsp

  • black pepper powder powder 1/2 tbsp

  • coriander leaves 2 tbsp


  • 01

    Soak all the beans for at least 8 hours then cook in a pressure cooker with some salt for about 5-6 whistles strain and keep aside

  • 02

    Boil water add salt and then add pasta and cook Al Dante strain and keep aside

  • 03

    In a large mixing bowl add pasta beans salt black pepper powder and mayonnaise toss nicely and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves and serve as a side dish or salad taste really good and very nutritious as beans are high in protein and I used wheat pasta.... So njoy nicely



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