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Peri Peri Chicken Crepes

Peri Peri Chicken Crepes


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 40

Total Time : 60


Serves 6

  • chicken minced(keema) or chicken breast pieces finely chopped 100 gms

  • Large Onion,finely diced 1 1/2 nos

  • Olive Oil 3-4 tbsp

  • Spring Onion Greens,handful 1 nos

  • For the peri peri sauce: dry red chillis 4 nos

  • balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp

  • garlic pearls chopped 4 nos

  • olive oil 1 tbsp

  • chilli flakes 1/2 tbsp

  • oregano 1 tbsp

  • warm water 2 tbsp

  • salt 1 1/2 tsp

  • For the crepes: egg 1 nos

  • melted butter 2 tbsp

  • All purpose flour / maida 1 cups

  • Plain Milk 1/2 cups

  • Salt 1/2 tsp

  • Water 1/2 cups

  • For the maida/flour paste: maida/all purpose flour 2 tbsp

  • water 1 tbsp


  • 01

    Blend together all the ingredients listed under the peri peri sauce list and add it to the chicken keema(you may choose to use ready to use peri peri sauces too)

  • 02

    Mix well and keep aside to marinate at least for an hour

  • 03

    Use this time to make the crepes. Mix together all the ingredients listed for the crepes except the flour and butter in a bowl

  • 04

    Whisk all the ingredients well and slowly add the flour to make a liquidy batter. Use very less water. Lastly add the butter to the batter and mix well

  • 05

    Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a non stick pan and add a laddle full of the crepe mixture and spread it on the pan slowly by tilting the pan round if needed

  • 06

    Cook the crepes till done on both sides(not brown) on Low heat

  • 07

    Place them ready to use on a plate

  • 08

    For the flour paste; combine 2 tbsp maida and 1 tbsp water to make a thick mix. keep aside in a small cup

  • 09

    To cook the chicken, we heat a tbsp of olive oil in a pan and add the onions and sauté them for a while

  • 10

    Add the marinated chicken and mix well. Cook till the chicken is done on medium- Low heat covered. no additional water needed, as the chicken cooks with its own juice and the sauce

  • 11

    Once done check the seasoning and add salt if needed at this stage.

  • 12

    Sprinkle a dash of spring onions greens and mix well. Take off from heat and place aside

  • 13

    Now take a crepe and place it on a plate. Place 2 tbsp spoonful of the chicken mince and place it in the center of the crepe.

  • 14

    Gently fold one side of the crepe to cover the chicken mixture lengthwise. Apply a tspn of the flour paste prepared on the edge of the opposite side of the crepe and paste it the first folded side

  • 15

    Repeat the same process of sealing the sides of the crepes now by adding the maida paste on both sides of the crepes width wise

  • 16

    The crepes should look square in shape once done.

  • 17

    Heat a tbsp of olive oil in anon stick pan and pan fry the chicken crepes prepared on Low heat till both sides are golden brown

  • 18

    Serve hot Garnished with spring onion greens



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