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Matar Karanji

Matar Karanji


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 40


Serves 2

  • Green peas (matar ) 1 bowls

  • Mawa 1/4 bowls

  • Green chili Paste 1 tsp

  • Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tsp

  • Cumin seeds 1 tsp

  • Oil,frying 2-3 bowls

  • turmeric powder 1 tsp

  • All purpose flour (maida) 2 bowls

  • Salt 2 1/2 tsp


  • 01

    1)wash green peas and grind coarsely in mixer

  • 02

    Saute mava on low flame for 5 minutes

  • 03

    Take maida in big bowl add 2 tsp hot oil as moyan,add pinch of salt mix well add water little by little to make hard dough ,cover with cloth and keep aside

  • 04

    Heat 2tsp oil in kadahi add cumin seeds,add green chilli paste then add ginger,garlic paste saute it add salt and turmeric powder.mix it well add coarsely grinded green peas saute it and cook on low flame till it softens

  • 05

    Add mava and mix well saute for 5 minutes stuffing is ready

  • 06

    Now make small balls of maida and make puris with rolling pin

  • 07

    Put the puri on karanji mould stuff it with matar stuffing

  • 08

    Get all the karnji stuffed

  • 09

    Then heat oil and deep fry the karanjis first in hot oil and when turned back fry on low flame from both the sides so that karanjis become crispy

  • 10

    Serv it with sauce or chutney of your choice



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