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Healthy drink mix for kids

Healthy drink mix for kids


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 1440

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 1455


Serves 2

  • Ingredients for healthy mix powder for 1/2 kg:Ural Dhall 400 gms

  • Horsegram 400 gms

  • Sprouted Chick peas n green grams 50 gms

  • Barley 50 gms

  • Brown rice 50 gms

  • Roasted gram 50 gms

  • Badam , walnut , cardamom - smal amount like each 10 nos

  • Ingredients to make, drink/porridge for 3 peoples: Mix Powder 2 tsp

  • Milk 1 cups

  • Jaggery 2 tsp


  • 01

    Collect all ingredients first ..,

  • 02

    Now roast all dry nuts one by one individually till they become and crisp and slightly brown

  • 03

    Just roast for 10 seconds and take it in a bowl cool for 15 min. Mix well together

  • 04

    Grind the roasted ingredients in mixer, if u make small quantity u can grind mixi, if u make huge u can grind mills.

  • 05

    Now u can sieve this mix store it in a container used up to for 2 to 3 months

  • 06

    Now the ural dhall healthy mix is ready

  • 07

    Now we make ural dhall porridge using this mix along with milk n jaggery

  • 08

    First add 2 big spoon of this powder n add some water mix together without any lumps

  • 09

    Add 1 cup of milk and add 4 tsp of jaggery

  • 10

    Now on the stove the flame should be high... Placed on the vessel and boil for 15 min continuesly mix well.. dnt take ur hand mix well till u get bubbles...

  • 11

    The ural dhall is have smell, so u boil for 15 min , and you take ur hand u get lumps so dnt take ur hand mix continuously when u get bubbles the milk is coming up ,off the stove

  • 12

    U feed babies in bottle must filter the milk using filter

  • 13

    Now the healthy drink is ready nw ... Its good for babies.. suffer hip pain womens, all age peoples., N also its good for age attend girls u give daily mrng its give mire strength to back bone for ladies



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