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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 120

Cook Time : 60

Total Time : 180


Serves 6

  • china grass/agar agar packet 1 nos

  • custard 2 cups

  • jelly packet j 1 nos


  • 01

    1) 1st of all make jelly and put in different glasses filling it 1/4 glass and let it set...It will take about 10_12 mins to set..

  • 02

    2) now make custard and put above the can add sum fruits or dry fruits in custard ..Leave it for 10 mins...

  • 03

    3) now make china grass and put above custard..Let it set for 12_15 mins..Garnish with dry fruits.

  • 04

    Keep all the glases in fridge fot atleast 2 hours and serve chilled..Before serving put sum chocolate sauce and serve...

  • 05

    Method to make china grass1 pkt of china grass1/2 ltr milk8 tbsp sugar 1 tsp elaichi powdry friuts for garnishing

  • 06

    First cut china grass into small pieces and grind in a mixture keep milk for boiling add sugar and elaichi powder...and let it boil on slow

  • 07

    Take another pan and cook china grass with 1 cup water cook till you get a thick paste off the flame of the milk and then add china grass paste in milk and mix well.put in a thali to set ...

  • 08

    Method to make custardTake 1/2 ltr milk add 6 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp custard powder mix well n put on low flame ..Once boiled off the flame add fresh or dry fruits ..

  • 09

    Method for jelly It depends wat jelly you are using accordingly you make . Follow the instructions written in the packet

  • 10

    NoteAll the things are to be set directly in the glassThats you have to make 1 by 1 ..all the 3 things..



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