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Mint-Lemon Mojito

Mint-Lemon Mojito

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 5

Total Time : 10


Serves 1

  • Mint leaves-5-6

  • Lemon -1-2

  • Club Soda

  • Sugar Syrup-2-3 tbsp

  • Ice-cubes -5-6


  • 01

    Take 1 cup of sugar in a pan, pour 1 cup of water to it,dissolve the sugar completely and make a sugar syrup of it

  • 02

    Take a muddler, add mint leaves and 4-5 small lemon wedges into it and then muddled it well.

  • 03

    Take a serving glass add sugar syrup and 1 tbsp lemon juice into it, mix it well and then pour the muddled lemon & mint leaves along with its juices.

  • 04

    Then add Ice-cubes into it and then pour club soda into it. Mix it well and then serve it.



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