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Coffee Frappe

Coffee Frappe


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 2

Total Time : 7


Serves 1

  • Boiled and cold milk 1 cups

  • Boiling water 3 tbsp

  • Coffee Creamer 3 tbsp

  • Sugar 2 tbsp

  • Bru Instant Coffee,heaped 1 tsp

  • FOR THE GARNISH ; coffee powder 1/8 tsp


  • 01

    Mix coffee in about 3 tablespoon of boiling water.

  • 02

    Now in a blender jar along with the coffee mix, add all the other ingredients and blitz until creamy for a minute or so.

  • 03

    Coffee frother can also be used but blender works just perfect for this one.

  • 04

    Serve it right away with a pinch of coffee powder dusted on top.

  • 05

    Oooo lala, this is what you will say, the first time you lay your hands upon this beauty. Perfect to have it after a meal and that too with your someone special besides you. What more could anyone ask for? To die for dessert, it's a stunner by all means. And a quickie too, instantly made.



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