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Tangy Falsa Juice/Sherbat

Tangy Falsa Juice/Sherbat


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 1

Total Time : 16


Serves 4

  • Sugar 1 cups

  • Falsa berry 250 gms

  • Water 1 litre


  • 01

    Take falsa or Phalsa in a big bowl and wash them properly. Then in Another Big bowl take falsa and sugar and start squeezing them with your Clean hand, we have to mash them till all the pulp & Sugar is dissolved and only seeds are left.

  • 02

    Add water and make sure that all the Sugar is dissolved as we have to strain this . Now Take a big strainer and put it on another bowl or jug and strain it with a help of spatula. Throw the residue which is left in the strainer & Keep the juice in the Refrigerator for 2-3 hours so that it can be chilled properly and if you want to drink it now add some ice cubes in a glass and add this fresh tasty and tangy juice. Falsa drink is ready.

  • 03

    Some people like to add chaat masala or black salt to their drink. Even I sometime add a pinch of Chaat masala and a pinch of black salt... it make it little chatpata 😋

  • 04

    Its a very tasty and healthy drink and my favorite summer drink too.



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