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Galouti kebabs

Galouti kebabs

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 300

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 330


Serves 4

  • Mutton mince 500 gms

  • fresh cream 2 tbsp

  • curd 3 tbsp

  • Ginger paste 1 tsp

  • Garlic paste 2 tsp

  • raw papaya paste 4-5 tbsp

  • green chilies 2 nos

  • dry Roasted Chickpea flour 1/2 cups

  • crushed brown onion 4 tbsp

  • green coriander leaves 1/2 nos

  • cashew paste 1 tbsp

  • Red chili powder 1 tbsp

  • Yellow chili Powder 1/2 tbsp

  • Crushed Red Chili 1 tsp

  • mace and nutmeg powder 1/4 tsp

  • Black pepper 2 tsp

  • Cloves 2 nos

  • Green cardamom 3 nos

  • Black Cardamom 2 nos

  • Cumin 1/2 tsp

  • fennel seeds 1 tsp

  • stick cinnamon 1 nos

  • poppy seeds 1 tbsp

  • Ajwain 1/4 tsp

  • Kabab Chini 6-7 nos

  • dry Rose Petals 1 tbsp

  • Zaafraan 1 pinch

  • Kewda water 1 tbsp

  • Rose water 1 tbsp

  • Ghee 1 tbsp

  • oil for shallow frying 4 tbsp


  • 01

    Peel the raw papaya and make a fine paste in the mixie, and keep it aside.

  • 02

    Make a fine paste of green chilies, dry Roasted Besan, crushed brown onion, green coriander leaves, cashew paste and ginger garlic in your food processor and keep aside for further use.

  • 03

    Now grind all the dry spices Black pepper, Cloves, Green cardamom, Black Cardamom, Cumin, Black Cumin, fennel seeds, cinnamon, poppy seeds, Chironji, Ajwain, Kabab Chini, dry Rose Petal and Zaffraan in the grinder into fine powder and keep it aside.

  • 04

    In a large mixing bowl put mutton mince ( try and get butcher to make mince of clean meat as here we should not wash the mutton mince) put raw papaya paste, the dry spice mix and wet masala including zaffran, kewda water, Rose water, and 1 tbsp ghee, and knead the mince along with spices with both hands until all the masala is evenly mixed in the mince ,(roughly knead for 5-7 minutes )

  • 05

    Leave the mince mixture on room temperature for an hour, then 3-4 hours in a fridge, then one additional hour at room temperature.

  • 06

    To give the kebab peculiar smoky taste we take a charcoal and burn it over open flame till it is nice red and hot. Place a small metal bowl in the centre of kebab mix, place the live coal in it an put a tbsp of ghee, close the lid immediately. leave it like that for at least 30 minutes.

  • 07

    Now the the mix is ready to be made into delicious kebabs.

  • 08

    In a wide non stick fry pan make very thin layer of oil. Preheat the pan for 3 minutes at medium flame.

  • 09

    Make tikkis by taking 2 tbsp of mixture. Gently place these tikkis on the preheated pan. Cook one side until it gets medium golden brown, while flipping be careful as they might break, follow same procedure with other side.Cook the kebabs over medium heat only.

  • 10

    Serve hot with paratha , sliced onion and chutney.



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