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Ambur Mutton Briyani

Ambur Mutton Briyani

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 1

Total Time : 21


Serves 4

  • Cinnamon Stick 1 nos

  • Cloves 5 nos

  • Cardamom 5 nos

  • Onion(sliced) 3 nos

  • Tomato(sliced) 3 nos

  • Ginger(paste) 25 gms

  • Garlic(paste) 25 gms

  • Dry red Chili 10 nos

  • Lemon Juice 1 1/2 tbsp

  • Curd 2 tbsp

  • Coriander(chopped) 1 cups

  • Pudhina(chopped) 1 cups

  • Rice 1 kgs

  • Mutton 1 kgs

  • Oil 2 tbsp

  • Ghee 2 tbsp

  • Salt 1/4 tbsp


  • 01

    To a hot pressure pan add oil and ghee . Once the oil is hot add cinnamon ,cardamom and cloves. Soon after you smell the Aroma of the spices add the sliced onions( 1 hand full ). Saute onions to get transparent. To the onions add ginger garlic paste( 1/2 of the mentioned quantity). Mix well to get golden brown colour then ,To this add the tomatoes(1 hand full).Mix well.

  • 02

    The taste maker of the Biryani is the Chili paste which has the main ingredient of ginger , garlic and dry red chilli .Blend these into a smooth paste and keep it aside.

  • 03

    Now to the well cooked tomatoes and onions we are adding the paste and lower the flame. Let it get cooked until you can find the oil separating.

  • 04

    Now to this add coriander , pudhina and the remaining onions and tomatoes.

  • 05

    Mix well and to this add the washed and cleaned​ mutton. Mix well again and add lime juice, curd and salt .Now​ just cover the cooker and cook it for 5 to 6 whistle for the mutton to cook well.

  • 06

    In a separate vessel cook the rice whatever it could be basmati rice or seeraga Samba.( prefer Seeraga Samba Rice for best flavor and taste )

  • 07

    When the rice is cooked drain away the excess water and keep the rice aside.

  • 08

    Once the mutton is cooked open the cooker and add the prepared rice and mix well .Now cover the cooker and leave it in low flame for 5 minutes then switch off the flame.

  • 09

    Heat up a thava and on the top of the thava place the cooker and leave it in low flame for 15 to 20 minutes in this way the rice will get the flavour of the masala in which the mutton is cooked so the rice even will taste amazing.

  • 10

    Adding on.. the actual way of preparing Ambur Mutton Briyani is in a thick bottom vessel, many don't own such vessel at home ..and that's the reason I've given the cooker version of cooking.The taste is exactly the same.

  • 11

    If you own such thick bottom or double bottom can try preparing it in the vessel.The only difference will be you need to cover with a plate to cook mutton, and be instead of whistle you need to wait till the mutton cooks.The rest of procedure be is same as in the preparation.



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