Musk Melon Sorbet (cantaloupe Sorbet)

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Musk Melon Sorbet (cantaloupe Sorbet)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 24 Hr 0 Min

Total Time : 24 Hr 10 Min


Serves : 4
  • 1 nos musk melon (kharbooja)

  • 1 tsp veg gelatin or agar agar

  • 1/4 cups sugar or as per your taste


  • Peel skin of musk melon. Cut in to small pieces.
  • Add sugar & grind in a fine smooth paste.
  • Add gelatin in 8-10 tsp warm water. Mix well
  • Add gelatin syrup in musk melon paste. Whisk with hand blender until creamy and fluffy.
  • Keep it in freezer for 1-2 hours.
  • Whisk the mixture 3-4 times in between with blender. Freeze and allow to set fully.
  • Musk melon sorbet is ready
  • Serve chilled musk melon sorbet.