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Ras Malai

Ras Malai

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 1

Total Time : 21


Serves 4

  • milk 2 litre

  • elichi sugar 2 tbsp

  • kesar 1 tsp

  • vanilla custard powder 1 tsp

  • sugar 1 cups


  • 01

    Boil one kg milk and add vinegar to form paneer, now take this paneer in plate, drain excess water .kneed the dough throughly till oik appears on palm it took 25. Mins, now make balls of these paneer

  • 02

    Now make sugar syrup 1 cup by boiling sugar and water when liduid boils add paneer rasgulla oil for 5 mins now boil 1 ke milk in another pan when it boils add 1cup sugarboil and pinch of kesar till it reduces 30 %

  • 03

    Now ta add vanilla powder ( 2sp vanilla custard powder+ half cup water) to milk boil stir well now add dry fruits, switch off flame

  • 04

    Squeeze rasgulla from sugar syrup and put in the milk preparation keep it in fridge for 2 hours and serve chilled . Garnish with dry fruits and kesar



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