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Japanese Cheese Cake.

Japanese Cheese Cake.


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 75

Total Time : 90


Serves 8

  • Whole Milk 60 ml

  • Sugar 100 gms

  • Cream Cheese 140 gms

  • Butter 40 gms

  • corn flour 15 gms

  • Eggs 5 nos

  • All Purpose Flour 50 gms


  • 01

    Fill the tray with room temperature water till 1cm high. Preheat oven to 120 degrees centigrade.

  • 02

    Take a grease free bowl. Add whole milk. Add cream cheese, butter to the milk.

  • 03

    Heat it up on low flame.

  • 04

    With the help of a whisk combine well. When it's all melted and combined, turn off the flame before reaching it's boiling point.

  • 05

    Add all purpose flour, cornflour with the cream cheese mixture when it's hot.

  • 06

    Mix thoroughly with the whisk. Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth, thicken and well combined.

  • 07

    Add egg yolks. Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth and well combined. Keep it aside.

  • 08

    Whisk egg white in a electric beater till creamy. Add sugar little by little till it's frothy and attains soft peaks.

  • 09

    Add egg white mix to the cream cheese mixture in two parts. Stir in a circular motion. Start from the top and then slowly reach bottom. Do not over mix.

  • 10

    Take a pan and grease well. Place a parchment paper below. Pour the cake batter. Tap the pan thrice for the air bubbles to escape.

  • 11

    Place the cake tin in the preheated oven for first 20 minutes in the water filled tray.

  • 12

    After 20 minutes, without opening the door, now increase the temperature to 150 degrees centigrade and continue baking for another 15 minutes.

  • 13

    After 15 minutes, the top of the cake will be slight brown.

  • 14

    At this time the temperature would have reached 150 degrees centigrade. Open the oven door and leave it open for 10 seconds and then close back.

  • 15

    Lower the temperature to 100 degrees centigrade and continue baking for 40 minutes. It is recommended to use oven thermometer while baking.

  • 16

    After 40 minutes the cake is baked. Let it cool for 10 minutes inside the oven itself. After 10 minutes, remove it from the oven. As you can see the cake already shrunk a little and pulling away from the side.

  • 17

    Remove the cake by placing a plate on the cake tin by upside down. Remove parchment paper and place it on a serving dish.

  • 18

    Sprinkle some icing sugar using a strainer. Jiggly Fluffy Japanese Cheese Cake is ready to cut and serve.



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