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Gond ke laddu

Gond ke laddu


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 300

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 330


Serves 20

  • gram laddu flour 1 cups

  • whole wheat flour 1 cups

  • edible gum 3/4 cups

  • cashews finely chopped 3 tbsp

  • almonds finely chopped 3 tbsp

  • pistachios finely chopped 3 tbsp

  • cardamom powder 1 tsp

  • Saffron threads (optional) 10-12 nos

  • Cup sugar 3/4 cups

  • clarified butter + more to fry edible gum 3/4 cups

  • raisins 2 tbsp


  • 01

    Soak saffron threads in 1 tblsp milk and keep aside.

  • 02

    Deep fry edible gum into ghee/clarified butter. When you add edible gum in the butter it will start puffing and white in color. Be careful when you do this because it splutters sometimes like cumin seeds. Grind it into mixer and make powder.

  • 03

    Sift the wheat and besan/gram laddu flour. Take a heavy bottom pan and dry roast theflour on medium flame.

  • 04

    Don’t burn it, just that the raw smell of flour shoulddisappear. It will become a little brown in color, to this add saffron threadsand stir it for few more min.

  • 05

    Now take off the pan and take out the flour.

  • 06

    Heat the clarifiedbutter/ghee in the same pan on low flame and add edible gum powder.

  • 07

    To this add all dry fruitsand cardamom powder and stir 1-2 min. All should be done on low flame otherwiseit will burn easily.

  • 08

    Now switch off the stove and add roasted flour. Mix welland let it cool for few min.

  • 09

    Add sugar to this mixture and mix well. Take carewhen you mix sugar, if mixture will be very hot then sugar will start melting.

  • 10

    So let it cool for sometime. If mixture is very dry add a little more ghee/clarified butter. Make small balls and decorate with pistachio.

  • 11

    Have this one laddu/ball everyday. Very healthy in winters.



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