Dry Fruit Rasamalai

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Dry Fruit Rasamalai

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Cooking Time

Preparation Time :40 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 1 Hr 0 Min


Serves : 14
  • Dates - 250g

  • Nuts - 50g

  • Almonds- 50g

  • Raisins - 2 tblsp

  • Condensed milk - half tin (200 g)

  • Milk - 1 cup

  • Milk powder - 1/2 cup

  • Ghee- 1/4 cup

  • Cardamom - 4 pods

  • Sugar - 1/4 cup


  • For making Rabri
  • Grease little of ghee in a thick bottom pan, add half of the condensed milk + milk. Bring to boil in medium flame.
  • now add the sugar and keep stirring. Once it start thickening bring the flame down to sim.
  • Fry one tablespoon chopped of nuts and almonds and add it to the rabri and mix well.
  • To make dry fruit balls -
  • Chop the dates , nuts and almonds finely. Dry fry them separately.
  • Add all remaining ghee to a heating pan, add the dry fruit and cardamom , toss them well.
  • Add the condensed milk+ milk powder into the mix, check the thickness and add little of water if required.
  • Once the mix is thick enough, switch off flame and leave it to cool a bit.
  • Then shape them into balls ( or any shape of your choice) and dip them into the rabri.
  • Rasamalai is ready.