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Spinach And Cheese Curry

Spinach And Cheese Curry

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 35


Serves 4


  • 01

    If You Are Using Fresh Spinach Leaves, Blanch. To Blanch The Spinach, Bring A Large Pot Of Water To A Rolling Boil.

  • 02

    Drop Spinach Leaves In The Pot And Cook For 2 Minutes.

  • 03

    Remove From Heat And Drain The Water. If You Are Using Frozen Spinach Leaves, Steam.

  • 04

    To Steam The Spinach, Bring A Large Pot Of Water To Boil. Put Frozen Spinach In A Colander Or Steamer And Place Inside The Pot. Cover And Steam For 8 To 10 Minutes.

  • 05

    Remove From Heat. In A Blender, Combine Onion, Ginger, Chili And Half Of The Spinach With 1/2 Cup Of Water. Blend To A Smooth Paste.

  • 06

    Heat Oil In A Deep, Heavy Bottomed Saucepan On Medium. Add Bay Leaf, Cinnamon And Peppercorns. When The Spices Start Sizzling, Add The Onion-Spinach Paste.

  • 07

    Sauté And Cook For Two Minutes Until The Mixture Starts Becoming Richer And Darker In Colour. Reduce Heat To Low.

  • 08

    Blend The Remaining Spinach With 1/2 Cup Of Water To A Smooth Paste. Add This To The Saucepan. Add Cumin, Salt And Nutmeg. Add The Paneer.

  • 09

    Cover And Cook For 20 Minutes, Stirring Every Now And Then To Make Sure The Curry Doesn’t Stick. Feel Free To Add A Bit Of Water If You Think The Curry Is Becoming Too Thick.

  • 10

    Adjust Seasoning, Add Cream And Chaat Masala (If Using) And Cook For 5 More Minutes.

  • 11

    Remove From Heat And Serve Hot With Naan Bread Or Rice.



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