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Potato Wrap

Potato Wrap


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 45


Serves 1

  • red onion 1 1/2 nos

  • potatoes 1 nos

  • mixed herbs 1 tsp

  • dried oregano 1 tsp

  • Salt 1 tsp

  • tomato 1/2 nos

  • cheddar cheese slices 2 nos

  • cooking oil 2 tbsp

  • pepper 1 tbsp

  • water (to boil) 5 cups


  • 01

    Remove skin and cut the onion in a ring shape.Cut tomato into cube shapes.Peel the potato and cut to thick long strips.

  • 02

    Boil water and add 1/2 tsp salt to water.Then add potato to boiling water.While potato is cooking,heat a pan.When the pan is heated place the wrap on the pan and cook for 1 minute.Then flip the wrap.

  • 03

    When wrap is flipped,place cheese on top of the wrap and cook for another 1 minute.After that,flip the wrap again and let cheese cook for 20 seconds.Try not to let the cheese stick to the pan.(if the cheese sticks to the pan,its ok).Then remove the wrap from the pan and place it separately.(if there is excess cheese on the pan scrape before it hardens and put the cheese on the wrap)

  • 04

    Check to see if potato is soft,if soft remove from boiling water.

  • 05

    In a pan add oil and salt. Then, cook onion until golden brown.Then add mixed herbs and dried oregano.Add tomato in the pan and stir for few minutes.Finally add potato and stir.

  • 06

    Add the mixture to the cheesy side of the wrap and wrap like a burrito.

  • 07




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