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Dry Fruits Seviyan

Dry Fruits Seviyan


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 10

Total Time : 20


Serves 4

  • vermicelli 1 cups

  • caramel sugar 1/2 cups

  • water 3 cups

  • white sugar 1.5 cups

  • black pepper powder 4 pinch

  • cardamom powder 1/4 tsp

  • Dry fruits - walnut, raisins,cashew nuts, almond 3/4 cups

  • Ghee/clarified butter 4 tbsp


  • 01

    To prepare caramel sugar - sprinkle the sugar in a thin layer at the bottom of a saucepan. Pour water over the sugar slowly and evenly so that all of the sugar is covered.

  • 02

    Cook the sugar and water over a medium flame until the sugar dissolves. Stir it properly so that no lumps are formed. Once the sugar turns dark brown in color , turn off the flame.

  • 03

    Now fry the vermicelli in ghee till it turns golden brown in color.

  • 04

    Take a pan and pour water to it to boil. Once the water starts boiling,lower the flame and add in the roasted vermicelli to it. Let it cook for 4 minutes. Once the vermicelli is cooked,add in the white sugar and mix well.

  • 05

    Now add in the prepared caramel sugar , cardamom powder,black pepper powder and mix well.

  • 06

    Meanwhile fry the dry fruits in ghee/clarified butter . Add these fried fruits to the seviyan and mix it well.

  • 07

    Serve it in a bowl and garnish it with dry fruits.



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