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Eggless Chocolate Cake

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 30


Serves 6

  • All Purpose Flour 1 cups

  • Butter 100 gms

  • Sweetened Condensed Milk 200 gms

  • Cocoa Powder 3 tbsp

  • Baking Powder 1 tsp

  • Baking Soda 1 tsp

  • Vanilla Extract 1 tsp

  • Warm Milk 1/4 cups

  • For Chocolate Frosting:Dark Chocolate 1 1/2 cups

  • Heavy Cream 1 cups


  • 01

    Grease a round baking cake tin of 9×9 inches diameter with oil and preheat the oven at 200 degrees celcius.

  • 02

    In a bowl take butter which should be at room temperature.

  • 03

    Add sweetened condensed milk to it and beat till it is light and fluffy.

  • 04

    Next sift togetger all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and mix everything well.

  • 05

    Next add vinegar, vanilla extract, milk and beat again to form a smooth lump free batter.

  • 06

    Pour the cake batter in greased tin and tap the sides of the cake tin.

  • 07

    Bake the chocolate cake in a preheated oven for 35 minutes. Do check the cake after 30 minutes as the temperature vary from oven to oven.

  • 08

    Once done check the cake with a toothpick. If it comes out clean the cake is perfectly baked.

  • 09

    Let the cake cool down completely meanwhile make the chocolate ganache.

  • 10

    For frosting: Heat a pan take heavy cream and just bring it to boil.

  • 11

    Pour the cream over dark chocolate and leave it undisturbed for 10 minutes.

  • 12

    After 10 minutes mix untill smooth chocolate ganache is formed.

  • 13

    Once the cake has cooled down pour the chocolate ganache over the cake sprinkle some cocoa powder from top. The chocolate cake is ready cut in slices and Serve!



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