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Red Grapes wine

Red Grapes wine

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 10

Total Time : 30


Serves 6

  • Seeded Grapes (They have thicker skins and higher juice content and more flavorful which makes a good wine.If you dont get seeded go ahead with seedless. I have used seedless as i didn't find seeded in Pune) 5 kgs

  • Sugars(depends on the sweetness of the grapes. If your grapes are sweet more sugar may makes your wine very sweet) 3-4 kgs

  • Water(Boiled and Cooled or you can use distilled/purified water) 2 1/2 litre

  • Instant Yeast 7 gms

  • Whole Wheat 50 gms


  • 01

    Clean the Ceramic/Glass Jar and allow it to sun dry before using it for making wine.

  • 02

    Boil water and allow it to cool completely.

  • 03

    Clean and wash the grapes well and remove the stalks and discard any grapes that look rotten.

  • 04

    Towel dry the grapes.

  • 05

    (If you are using activ dry yeast dissolve yeast in Luke warm water and keep it aside for 10-15 minutes so that it rises.)

  • 06

    Mash the grapes using a wooden spatula in order to to yield the juice, pulp and skins which gives the wine its colour.

  • 07

    Layer the crushed grapes in the prepared jar along with sugar.A layer of grapes on top of it a layer of sugar, like that make 3-4 layer.

  • 08

    Add the whole wheat into the jar.

  • 09

    Add the instant or dissolved yeast to the jar.

  • 10

    If using cinnamon and cloves, add it to the jar.I haven't used any other flavor which will spoil the natural taste of the wine.

  • 11

    Add boiled and cooled water to the jar. Mix everything well.

  • 12

    While filling leave between 10 to 15% of head space at the top of the container for the foam that forms during fermentation.

  • 13

    Keep the jar closed and airtight for around 21 days.

  • 14

    You will notice air bubbles forming on the top when fermentation is taking place.

  • 15

    Stir the mixture with a wooden spatula (always stir in one direction) every alternative day for 3-4 weeks. (Minimum 21 days)

  • 16

    After 21 days, strain the grape pulp mixture into another vessel using a muslin cloth or a clean cotton cloth.

  • 17

    Keep it for another 21 days so that the sediments settle down and the wine becomes clear.

  • 18

    Strain the mixture again using a muslin cloth without disturbing the sediments. More straining will makes your wine more clear and sparkle.

  • 19

    Store the wine in clean, dry glass bottles.

  • 20

    NOTES: While serving, pour it carefully without disturbing the sediments. The longer the wine is stored, the better the taste.( Recommended to store red wine at min 22 C)



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