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Chocolate Heaven

Chocolate Heaven


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 30

Cook Time : 40

Total Time : 70


Serves 6

  • flour 1 cups

  • cocoa powder 1 tbsp

  • baking soda 3/4 tsp

  • egg 2 nos

  • sugar 1 cups

  • sour cream 1 cups

  • peanuts 1/2 cups

  • cooked dulce de lecher 1 nos

  • room temperature butter 3 tbsp

  • Ganache :finely chopped Dark Chocolate 1/2 cups

  • Heavy Cream 1/2 cups


  • 01

    To make the ganache: Heat the heavy cream to almost boiling.

  • 02

    Add The Chopped Chocolate And Let It Sit For A Minute Or Two. Stir To Make A Homogenous And Silky Ganache.

  • 03

    Let It Cool To Room Temperature.

  • 04

    To Make The Cupcakes: Preheat Your Oven To 375F. Line Your Cupcake Pan With Cupcake Cups.

  • 05

    Whip The Eggs With The Sugar Until Pale Yellow In Color And Fluffy.

  • 06

    Add Half Of The Sifted Flour And Mix To Combine. Add Half Of The Sour Cream And Mix Once Again. Repeat With Remaining Flour, Sour Cream, Baking Soda And Cocoa Powder.

  • 07

    Mix Thoroughly To Make Sure All The Ingredients Are Well Combined. Using An Ice Cream Scoop, Scoop The Batter Into The Prepared Cupcake Cups, Filling Only Half Way

  • 08

    Using A Teaspoon, Spoon A Teaspoon Of Dulce De Leche On Top Of The Batter, Making Sure To Place It Somewhere In The Middle.

  • 09

    Sprinkle With A Couple Of Peanuts in top. Slide It In The Oven And Bake Until A Toothpick Inserted In The Batter Part Of The Cupcake, Comes Out Clean (About 12 Minutes).

  • 10

    Take Out Of The Oven And Out Of The Cupcake Pan And Let The Cupcakes Cool.

  • 11

    To Make The Frosting: With A Mixer, Whip The Butter On High Speed, Until White In Color And Fluffy (About 3-4 Minutes) .

  • 12

    Gradually, One Tablespoon At A Time, Add Room Temperature Dolce De Leche Into The Butter, Stopping To Scrape The Bottom Of The Mixer Bowl.

  • 13

    Transfer To A Pastry Bag With A Round Tip (1/4 Of An Inch), Or Use A Sturdy Ziploc Bag With A Snipped Tip.

  • 14

    Pipe The Frosting On Top Of The Cupcakes. Transfer To Fridge For 30 Minutes.

  • 15

    Dip The Top Of Each Frosted Cupcake Into The Ganache.



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