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cheesy ring pizza

cheesy ring pizza

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 30


Serves 5

  • tomatoes 15-20 nos

  • Chopped Capsicum,large 1 nos

  • Onion,diced,large 1 nos

  • Oil 2 tbsp

  • Butter for Brushing 1 tsp

  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese 1 cups

  • Shredded Parmesan Cheese 1/2 cups

  • For Seasoning:Black Pepper 1-2 tsp

  • Dried Parsley 1 tsp

  • Chilli flakes 1 tsp

  • Dried Chopped Onion 1 tsp

  • Italian Seasoning 1 tsp

  • chopped garlic 1 tsp

  • Salt 1/2 tsp

  • Maida 200 gms


  • 01

    Take a bowl,add butter,add maida mix it well.and add herbs, chilli flakes and little but of chilled water and make a soft dough.keep aside for 5 min.

  • 02

    Roll The Dough With A Rolling Pin And Make A Square Sheet And Cut The Square With Triangle Piece.

  • 03

    Add Half Sliced Tomatoes & Diced Capsicum In A Bowl. Add Some Salt & Pepper.

  • 04

    Add 2 Tbsp Of Oil Mix All The Ingredient Properly .Now Spread It On A Baking Tray Lined With Silver Foil And Bake It In The Preheated Oven At 180c About 20 Min.

  • 05

    Remove It In A Bowl And Add Seasoning.Dried Chopped Onions,Garlic,Italian Seasoning,Dried Parsley Add Chilli Flakes And Mix.

  • 06

    Heat 1 Tbsp Oil On Pan And Add The Diced Onion And Black Pepper And Saute For 2 Min.Now Add Some Salt And Saute Till Onions Are Golden Brown.

  • 07

    Now The Onions Are Ready Keep Them Aside To Cool Down. Take 5-8 Triangle Pieces.Put One Triangle On The Baking Tray Lined With Nonstick Baking Paper.

  • 08

    Now Put The Next Triangle Such That Some Part Of It Overlaps The Previous One.Similarly Put The Rest Of The Triangles So As To Make A Circle.

  • 09

    Take The Rest Of The Part Of Triangle And Arrange Them In Between Press Gently.So That Triangle Stick To Each Other.

  • 10

    Take A Cheddar Cheese & Put It On The Inner Rim To The Triangle In A Circle.Now Place Onion Over The Cheese Arrange The Onion And Cheese So That It Makes A Proper Circle .

  • 11

    Now Add The Tomatoand Capsicum Filling On Top Of The Onions & Cheese. Take Each Edge Of The Triangle And Tuck It Below The Inner End Of The Triangle Piece.

  • 12

    Repeat The Same Procedure For All The Edges So That It Forms A Ring.Brush It With Some Butter & Also Preheat Your Oven At 180c.

  • 13

    Now The Parmeson Cheese On Top After Adding Cheese Bake It In The Oven 20 Min. Until Its Golden Brown. Its Ready To Serve.



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