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Banana Cranberry Oats Cake

Banana Cranberry Oats Cake


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 35

Total Time : 50


Serves 6

  • Whole Wheat Flour 1 cups

  • Oats 1/4 cups

  • Banana-Large fully riped 1 nos

  • Dried cranberries 1/4 cups

  • Butter 50 gms

  • Cane Sugar 1/2 cups

  • Curd 4 tsp

  • Baking Powder 1/2 tsp

  • Baking Soda 1/4 tsp

  • Vanilla Essence 1 tsp

  • Milk 80 ml


  • 01

    In a blender or grinder, blend the banana and sugar. Take them in a mixing bowl. Add the curd and whisk nicely without any lumps. Add the butter and whisk nicely till butter melts. Add the vanilla essence, milk and stir well. 

  • 02

    In a small bowl take some flour and add the cranberries and mix well and dust it nicely. This is to prevent it from floating at the bottom. 

  • 03

    Sieve the flour, baking powder and baking soda. Add the oats and mix well. Add them to the wet ingredients. Mix gently to make a smooth batter. Add the Cranberries reserving some and stir well. 

  • 04

    Preheat the oven to 180° C for 10 mins and grease a cake pan.

  • 05

    Pour the batter into it. Sprinkle some cranberries on the top and bake the cake for 35-40 mins. A tooth pick inserted should come out clean.

  • 06

    Remove from the oven, let it cool dowm completely, invert, cut and serve.

  • 07

    Note : The cake is too moist if you find difficulty in cutting you can refrigerate it for sometime to get a clean cut.



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