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Puff Pastry Nutella Braided Bread

Puff Pastry Nutella Braided Bread


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 25

Total Time : 40


Serves 6

  • Readymade puff pastry sheets,I had taken a square puff pastry sheet pack. 16 nos

  • Nutella 350 gms

  • Beaten egg,for egg wash 1 nos


  • 01

    Combine 4 sheets to make a single large square. Hence we will use 16 such sheets to make 4 large squares.

  • 02

    Spread nutella on each sheet.

  • 03

    Stack up the four sheets one over the other and place a round plate on it.

  • 04

    Cut into a circle.

  • 05

    Place a glass in the centre of this circle and make 16 equal cuts starting from the centre just beneath the glass.

  • 06

    Taking two such cuts, twist in clockwise direction twice.

  • 07

    In this way do it for all.

  • 08

    After that taking two such twisted portions..pinch them after joining them both to resemble a floret.

  • 09

    After all are done, you get a beautiful flower.

  • 10

    Give an egg wash to the prepared floral bread.

  • 11

    Bake on 180 degree centigrade for 20 to 25 minutes in a preheated oven fan assisted one.



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