Alo Jhelo (Sugar Coated Indian Pastry)

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Alo Jhelo (Sugar Coated Indian Pastry)


Cooking Time

Preparation Time :10 Min

Cook Time : 20 Min

Total Time : 30 Min


Serves : 15
  • 2 cups maida

  • 1 cups water (or as required)

  • 1/4 cups oil (for kneading dough)

  • 1 tbsp nova ghee or nova butter

  • 2 cups oil (for frying)

  • 1 pinch baking soda

  • 1 pinch salt

  • 2 cups for making sugar syrup : sugar

  • 1 cups water


  • Add the madia /all purpose flour with salt and make a well in the center
  • Pour the 4 tbsp of oil and 1tbsp ghee in the well and mix with fingertips
  • Add a little warm water at a time to form a dough, knead well with hands
  • Once the dough is done, smear a couple of drops of remaining oil coat it,(Note : Oil will help avoid forming a crust)
  • Cover and allow the dough to rest for about 10 minutes
  • After that, knead the dough once again
  • Divide the dough into balls approximately 1 in diameter
  • Flatten each ball and using oil for rolling, roll into discs approximately 4 in diameter
  • Press and smoothen it between your palms
  • Roll out in small discs into 3-3
  • 5 diameter (as shown in the picture)like puri or luchi
  • With a sharp knife make 8-9 slits vertically on the disk leaving 1 cms on both the edges
  • keep 1/2cm gap between each slit
  • Holding the end sides together and fold the disk
  • Press the ends to secure the pattern
  • Prepare the same with the remaining dough
  • Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel or kadai till medium hot
  • Add the prepared elo jhelo to oil
  • Reduce the flame and fry on slow heat
  • Flip the Alo Jhelo over so that can be cooked on both sides,keep flipping
  • Fry until both the sides are light brown
  • Fry these in batches
  • Add Alo Jhelo according to the size of your kadai or vessel
  • Remove from heat
  • keep aside
  • Drain excess oil by keeping the fries on a paper towel
  • sugar and water to a pan and bring to a boil
  • Cook for 4-5 minutes,Turn the heat down until it is just bubbling
  • Cook the syrup until be thickened
  • Watch the syrup carefully to make sure it doesnt burn
  • The sugar syrup should reach until single stage thread
  • means, dip a spoon into sugar syrup,lift it out
  • Wait a moment and carefully pick up a drop of syrup on your finger
  • Then touch your finger to your thumb and pull them apart slowly to see how many strings of syrup form
  • For this recipe, you want a single string syrup
  • If no thread forms, or it breaks quickly, your syrup is not yet cooked enough
  • If multiple strings forms, then it has been overcooked
  • And need to add some additional water or begin again
  • When your sugar syrup is ready,remove from heat
  • Let it be cool little bit for a while
  • Add the fried elo jhelo and stir constantly gently so that all crackers are coated
  • Take them out from sugar syrup
  • Let them be cool
  • Enjoy your Elo Jhelo or you can store it for a week