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Tomato Chutney /Thakkali Chutney

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 5

Total Time : 10


Serves 4


  • 01

    Heat oil and roast chilli and keep aside

  • 02

    In the same oil add onion, ginger,garlic,salt ,green chilli and curry leaves Saute till the onion become slight brown shade

  • 03

    Then add tomato pieces and close the kadai and cook well

  • 04

    When cooked well ,open the kadai and roast it

  • 05

    Then allow to cool In a small jar add this mix along with roasted chilli and jaggery or sugar

  • 06

    Grind to a fine paste Check the salt,Adjust if needed

  • 07

    So the yummy spicy tasty tomato chutney is ready to serve

  • 08

    Best combination with idli , dosa, uthappam, chapathi, poori even with rice



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