Chicken Pizza

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Chicken Pizza

Now who don’t love that mouth water cheesy pizza. Here are the best and easiest pizza recipes for you. A must to try!

Cooking Time

Preparation Time :2 Hr 0 Min

Cook Time : 45 Min

Total Time : 2 Hr 45 Min


Serves : 4
  • For the dough: All purpose flour/maida:2cup

  • Baking soda:1/2tsp

  • Oil:2tbsp

  • Salt:1tsp

  • Water:1cup

  • For pizza sauce: Tomato:2

  • Onion:1

  • Red chilli:4

  • Garlic cloves:10

  • Tomato ketchup:3tbsp

  • Salt:1Pinch

  • Oil:2tbsp

  • Pepper powder:1/2tsp

  • Oregano:3/4tsp

  • For toppings: Mozzarella cheese:100g

  • Fried chicken:250g

  • Capsicum:1

  • Onion:1


  • Make a dough using flour,oil,water,baking soda and salt
  • Keep this for 2hrs
  • By that time we can make pizza sauce
  • Boil tomatoes,onion,garlic and red chilli in a pan
  • Transfer this to a blender and blend until smooth paste
  • Add this paste to hot oil and cook until the color changes
  • Add tomato ketchup,salt pepper and oregano,Cook this for 4mins
  • Cut chicken into small pieces,marinate it with soya sauce,pepper and salt
  • Fry this
  • Roll the dough in the size of a frying pan
  • Prick this with fork
  • Cook this for 2mins and flip the side
  • Spread the pizza sauce on top of it
  • Add cheese place chicken and repeat
  • Cook for 20mins in low flame
  • Home made pan pizza is ready