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Onion Uttapam

Onion Uttapam

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 900

Cook Time : 20

Total Time : 920


Serves 4

  • Idli rice or parmal rice 1 1/2 cups

  • Raw normal rice 1 cups

  • Whole Urad daal 1 cups

  • Methi seeds (fenugreek) 1 tsp

  • Onions(finely chopped) 2 nos

  • Green chilies (finely chopped) 2 nos

  • Fresh Coriander leaves(finely chopped) 2 tbsp

  • Salt as per taste ( i have added around 1/2 tsp) 1/2 tsp


  • 01

    Wash both types of rice and urad daal properly and soak both the rice together in water,but soak urad daal separately.

  • 02

    Soak methi seeds in half cup of water.

  • 03

    Soak it for 4 to 5 hours.

  • 04

    Now take a mixer jar and grind the daal ,rice and methi seeds too in batches to get a smooth paste.

  • 05

    Add required water too.

  • 06

    Keep this batter for rest for at least 7 to 8 hours or whole night to get a good fermented batter.

  • 07

    After 8 hours check your batter,it must have risen up.

  • 08

    Now take a big spoon or ladle and give a stir by adding little water and salt in it.

  • 09

    The batter should not be very thick neither liquidy.

  • 10

    Now add onions,coriander and green chilies in the batter .

  • 11

    Take a non stick pan add 1 tsp oil and spread the batter on the pan .

  • 12

    Sprinkle more oil on the top to avoid it sticking from the bottom.

  • 13

    When you will find little holes on the top of uttapam then it means its little cooked from the bottom and slow the flame to avoid it from getting burned.

  • 14

    One side of uttapam takes around 7 to 8 minutes to cook up properly.

  • 15

    Now with the help of spatula flip it to the other side.

  • 16

    Press the uttapam with spatuala to get a good crust.Sprinkle more oil if required.

  • 17

    Your crispy Onion Uttapam is ready to enjoy.



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