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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 18

Total Time : 23


Serves 2

  • Full cream / tonned milk 1 cups

  • Sugar 2 tbsp

  • Instant coffee 1 tbsp

  • Fresh cream 2 tbsp

  • Ice cubes 8 nos

  • Coco powder 1/2 tsp

  • Vanilla ice cream 1 cups


  • 01

    Mix all dry ingredients as coffee, coco powder, sugar and 3 tsp luke warm water in a large cup or glass

  • 02

    Stir continuously till coffee texture become creamy and whitish in coloured (approx 10-15 min)

  • 03

    Now blend cold milk, cream, ice cubes and coffee mixture in a blender for 1 minute

  • 04

    We can use hand blender also in replacement of blender

  • 05

    Pour chilled coffee in mugs or long glasses

  • 06

    Now add one scoop vanilla ice cream in coffee and sprinkle little coco powder / bournvita before serving

  • 07

    We can have this without ice cream also,If you are using full cream milk no need to use full cream



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Prabavathy Krishnamoorthy

01 years ago.

Turned out to be yummy.Though no vanilla ice cream was used.

abhineeta singh

8 months ago.

Thanks a lot dear friend.

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