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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 480

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 495


Serves 4

  • Masoor daal (Red lentil) 2 cups

  • ginger 1 nos

  • Blackpepper 1 tsp

  • Soda bi carbonate 2-3 pinch


  • 01

    Wash daal properly and soak for 6 hours,Drain excess water

  • 02

    Make thick but fine paste without water,Keep aside for at least 2 hours

  • 03

    Now beat up this paste 20-30 minutes so that air will be circulated in mixture

  • 04

    Now add ginger, blackpepper and soda-bai-carbonate n again beat up for another 10 minutes,Now this mixture will become more light and smooth

  • 05

    Take a clean piece of cloth, now wet your hand and take out little mixture n make badi according to picture below

  • 06

    Wet your hand several times in between so that badi will drop properly on cloth,Keep badi in sunlight where it stays maximum hours

  • 07

    It will take 2 days to dry properly,After drying take out badi​ from cloth and keep it in sunlight for another a day

  • 08

    After drying keep badi in airtight container

  • 09

    TIPS FOR GET BEST BADI IN HAND:Climate should be hot, shinny and dry​ otherwise badi will become​ hard

  • 10

    Soak daal in night, grind it in very early in the morning

  • 11

    Making badi should complete before sun rise or 7 am so that it will get maximum hours sunlight

  • 12

    Making badi is a time taking and slow process so make it in small batches or when you have more people in house

  • 13

    Badi making can be done on banana leaf and plastic sheet also,Concentration and patience is the key of best results



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