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beef marmalade wrap

 beef marmalade wrap


Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 15

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 45


Serves 3

  • Sauce 1 Tbl

  • olive oil1 Tbl

  • garlic minced cup low soy sauce1 cup carrot marmalade can substitute orange marmalade Slaw 1 cups purple cabbage finely chopped1 large crisp apple skin on diced cup shredded carrots roughly chopped5 green onions divided 1 Tbl

  • freshly grated ginger tsp

  • salt large lemon juice zestBeef Filling Wrap 500 gm beef ribeye cut into small bite size pieces trimming off any excess fat from the pieces can substitute New York Strip cut 1 tsp

  • freshly ground pepper1 tsp

  • salt10 12 large green leaves Romaine small variety type or iceberg can substitute tender Napa cabbage outer leaves cup shelled salted pista nuts roughly chopped


  • 01

    SauceIn a heavy saucepan over medium heat add the oil and garlic and saut about a minute

  • 02

    Add the soy sauce and marmalade increase heat to medium high to a simmering boil

  • 03

    Watch the sauce and regulate the heat between medium high and medium low so it doesn t boil over

  • 04

    Stir occasionally cooking about 8 10 minutes which will thicken it

  • 05

    Turn off heat leave on blaze until ready to use

  • 06

    SlawIn a large mixing bowl combine the cabbage apples carrots 3 green onions ginger salt and lemon juice and zest and blend and toss well

  • 07

    Set aside

  • 08

    BeefCoat a well seasoned large cast iron skillet 12 with cooking spray

  • 09

    Turn heat to high and let it get hot

  • 10

    Meanwhile put the beef pieces in a large mixing bowl

  • 11

    Sprinkle on the salt pepper and toss and blend well working the spice into the meat

  • 12

    Reduce the heat to medium high and add the meat searing about 7 9 minutes on all sides getting a caramelized browning on the meat

  • 13

    Keep turning and regulating your heat between MHaximum and medium as the meat browns on all sides

  • 14

    ServingEach person can build his her own wrap which would be a lettuce leaf scoop of the slaw scoop of meat about a tablespoon of pistachios a couple of tablespoons of the sauce and green onions

  • 15

    Bend the filled leaf and eat as a wrap

  • 16

    Serve on a small plate



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