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Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 20

Cook Time : 30

Total Time : 50


Serves 4

  • turmeric leaves 10-12 nos

  • For batter: rice 1 cups

  • Salt or as per taste 2 tsp

  • Jaggery 1/2 cups

  • beaten rice 1/2 cups

  • grated coconut 1/2 cups

  • For filling (choornu) : powdered or grated Jaggery 1/2 cups

  • grated fresh coconut 1/2 cups

  • broken puffed Paddy ( laya Pitto) 1 cups

  • cardamom powder 1 tsp


  • 01

    For batter : soak rice for a minimum of half an hour and grind them in a mixer along with grated coconut, beaten rice, salt, and Jaggery into a smooth paste using just enough water needed to make a paste. Keep the ground thick batter aside.

  • 02

    Use as little water as possible while grinding the batter as we need a thick, dry batter. If your batter gets watery, it will flow off the turmeric leaves.

  • 03

    Wash the turmeric leaves carefully. drain all the water and wipe them dry using a cloth. Take care not to tare the turmeric leaves. Keep them aside.

  • 04

    Preparing the inner coconut filling (choornu) : in a bowl mix together freshly grated coconut, grated Jaggery and cardamom powder mix them well then add broken puffed Paddy to the mixture and mix well.

  • 05

    Preparing patholis:

  • 06

    Place the inner filling mixture along the spine of the leaf, right in the centre, in the middle of the leaf. Patholis sweetness also depends on the amount of filling you place inside each patholi.

  • 07

    Fold the leaf vertically into half, along the spine continue this process until all the leaves rice batter is used up

  • 08

    Place a steaming vessel with sufficient water on a high Flame. When the water comes to boil, place the Patholis inside the steamer.

  • 09

    Cover and steam for 12-15 minutes on a high Flame.

  • 10

    Once cooked, remove the hot Patholis out, peel off the turmeric leaves and serve hot Patholis with lots of ghee on top and enjoy.



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