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Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 18

Total Time : 28


Serves 1

  • oliv oil 1 tbsp

  • chopped onion 1/2 nos

  • chopped carrots 2 nos

  • Angel hair pasta or capellini 4 ounces

  • chicken broth 1 3/4 litre

  • cooked chicken pieces broken into small pieces (Grilled or roasted) 2 nos


  • 01

    In a pan on heat pour the oliv oil and warm. Next add the carrot and onion and leave it for 8 mins. Now if you want to add salt and pepper you can

  • 02

    Next add the chicken broth and mix till 10 mins

  • 03

    Now you want to cook the pasta in the soup or if you have pasta which takes time to cook I suggest you to cook in a seperate utensil.

  • 04

    Now add the chicken and pour the soup in a bowl and serve



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