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Garlic Bread On Tava

Garlic Bread On Tava

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 10

Cook Time : 15

Total Time : 25


Serves 3

  • Slice of bread 6 nos

  • butter 2 tbsp

  • medium sized garlic, minced or grated red chili flakes as required 4 nos

  • Black pepper ( optional) 3 nos


  • 01

    Half each slice of bread

  • 02

    Take 2 tbsp softened butter (butter at room temperature) in a bowl

  • 03

    if using unsalted butter, then add a bit of salt

  • 04

    Grate or mince 3 to 4 medium garlic directly into the butter

  • 05

    Now spread the garlic butter evenly on all the slices.

  • 06

    Heat a griddle or tava on a high flame

  • 07

    when the tawa becomes hot, reduce the flame to a low or medium

  • 08

    cover the bread slices with a lid

  • 09

    keeping the slices covered, roast till light golden and a bit toasted at the edges

  • 10

    you want a more crisp toasted texture, then you can toast the bread slices for some more minutes

  • 11

    once the bread has got lightly toasted from the edges, sprinkle your favorite herb or spice from top

  • 12

    add red chili flakes and some oregano



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