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Chocolate Chip Thick Shake

Chocolate Chip Thick Shake

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 2

Cook Time : 12

Total Time : 14


Serves 2

  • chocolate ice-cream 700 ml

  • Chocolate chip 1 cups

  • chocolate syrup 2 tbsp

  • chocolate powder (born vita) 1 tbsp

  • milk 3/4 cups


  • 01

    Put the serving glass into a refrigerator until shake if made. Now, add 700ml of ice -cream, 1 cup chocolate chip, 2tbsp choco. Syrup, 1tbsp choco. Powder and 3/4 cup milk in a grinder. Now, grinde the ingredients and put the shake in the refrigerated glass. Marinate it with chocolate (dairy milk)



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