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Panera Breads Bistro Steak Salad

Panera Breads Bistro Steak Salad


My local Panera no longer makes this salad, my favorite! I found this on a TV station website, supposedly directly from Panera. I have not yet made this version; I am putting it here for safe keeping until I can tinker with it.

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 10

Total Time : 15


Serves 1-2

  • 2cups greens

  • 2cups romaine lettuce

  • 2ounces balsamic vinaigrette

  • 1ounce gorgonzola

  • 1⁄8 cup walnuts

  • 2ounces steak (sliced thin and seasoned or you can omit for a vegetarian version)


  • 01

    Grill the seasoned steak filets.

  • 02

    Combine the field greens and romaine; add the dressing and toss with tongs. Mound the lettuce mixture on a serving plate.

  • 03

    Evenly distribute the walnuts over the top of the lettuce; sprinkle Gorgonzola evenly over the salad.

  • 04

    Place the seasoned steak filets on top.

  • 05

    Serve with warm bread.



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