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Truffle Omelette - Omelette Aux Truffes

Truffle Omelette - Omelette Aux Truffes

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 5

Cook Time : 5

Total Time : 10


Serves 2

  • 4large fresh eggs

  • 1tablespoon double cream

  • 15g fresh truffles (or truffles in oil, drained)

  • 1⁄2 ounce butter

  • salt and pepper


  • 01

    Make sure your truffle is thoroughly clean, slice it thinly or grate it and poach it in a little water with the salt and pepper, for just four or five minutes.(For preserved truffles, no cleaning in needed, but they need to be drained.) Reduce the water to a dessertspoonful, allow it cool and add it to the cream.

  • 02

    Whisk your eggs, add the poaching water and cream to them and whisk again.

  • 03

    Heat your pan gently & add the butter to the pan, allow it become very hot, but not discoloured, then tip the eggs in & move them around a little until JUST starting to set on the outside. Then add the sliced truffles.

  • 04

    Allow the top to almost set ? baveuse - fold and serve immediately.

  • 05

    Serve with a fresh green salad, some warm crusty bread and a good bottle of French red wine.



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