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Summer Salade

Summer Salade


This salad is a main dish meal for hot summer days since they rarely involve actually turning on a stove, all you need to do is a bit of tossing.This is for 2 but it is very easy to prepare more. Use this vinaigrette : Summer Vinaigrette Spinkle with slivered basil to give your salad that summery look.

Cooking Time

Preparation Time : 30

Cook Time : 0

Total Time : 30


Serves 2

  • 4cups lettuce (chopped)

  • 1⁄4 sweet onion, sliced thin

  • 6ounces tuna, drained

  • 1 ripe tomatoes , sliced

  • 12 asparagus, cooked

  • 2 cooked new potatoes, sliced

  • 1cup mixed pepper, cubed

  • 1small zucchini

  • 1tablespoon capers, rinsed

  • 4slices cheese

  • 1⁄3 cup oil & vinegar vinaigrette


  • 01

    Toss the lettuce of your choice with 2 tblsp vinaigrette, so it's well coated. Arrange the lettuce on two dinner plates.

  • 02

    Mound half the tuna in the centre of each plate of lettuce.

  • 03

    Toss together peppers, zucchini and capers with 1 Tblsp vinaigrette. Spoon on lettuce to form a spoke.

  • 04

    Arrange artfully tomato and onion in a mound on one side of the lettuce on each plate.

  • 05

    Arrange the potatoes in a separate artful mound on the plates.

  • 06

    Place asparagus as well as your favourite cheese on each plate.

  • 07

    Drizzle with the remaining vinaigrette.

  • 08

    You can add boiled eggs,olives, artichokes.

  • 09

    Make it with thinly sliced ham instead of tuna for a change.

  • 10

    That is the fun part of this salad.

  • 11

    You have your favourite ingredients.

  • 12

    Serve with a baguette or a dinner roll and enjoy a cool summer meal.

  • 13

    Bon Appétit!



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