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The Great RB Challenge - II

Theme 2 : Salads


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May 20

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Theme 2: Salads Upload any 5 Salad recipes and complete your Second stage of RB Challenge and earn Credits. Contest details:- 1. "The Great RB Challenge" is our series of Contests. 2. The Challenge is divided into 4 themes which will be announced after each round. 3. The theme of our challenge is "Salads" 4. You have to Upload any 5 Salad recipes and the second stage of Challenge is completed and you will get Rb Points 5. Once the RB points reach 500 you can start buying things from Amazon and Big Basket through us. 6. For those who haven't participated in First Challenge can also participate in the second challenge and start earning point. Contest Starts on : 10- 05-19 Contest Ends on : 20- 05-19 Rules ***Recipes already submitted on our previous contest, will not be considered for the curation*** 1. Original recipes with a photograph of the dish are mandatory. All fields in the upload procedure should be filled properly. 2. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified. 3. You can earn your prize once you reach 500 RB points 4. The decision of RecipeBook Jury will be the final verdict.



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